Printing from our Savings Center

Many of the deals we feature link to coupons you can print from our Savings Center.

We highly recommend you print from a laptop or desktop computer, rather than a mobile device, and that you use Google's Chrome browser to print coupons. Learn why here.

When you find a deal you like, just click the link for the coupon in the post and you'll be redirected to the Savings Center with the coupon you clicked pre-selected for you, like this:

Sometimes we'll link to an external site you can print the coupon from. This may require that you register with an email address and/or download coupon printing software.

Once you've selected the coupons you'd like to print, click the "Print Coupons" button on the top right.

When you print for the first time from any device at our Savings Center, you will go through a one-time authentication process. This process will confirm your device by sending a one-time use code via SMS. You will receive a six-digit code to enter in order to validate your device. Once verified, your coupons will print.

Typically, each coupon can be printed twice per device/phone number. You'll print the first coupon, return to the Coupon for Change post that lists the coupon, click the link and return to the Savings Center to print your second coupon.

Because many stores allow shoppers to use up to 4 like coupons per day, some deals we post will require 4 coupons for the deal. For these deals you will need access to 2 devices you can print from (2 computers) and 2 different phone numbers you can receive an SMS verification text on. You will be allowed 2 prints per device/phone number, totaling 4 coupons.

I print from my laptop and have entered my mobile phone number for verification and my husband prints from his laptop and has entered his mobile phone number for verification. Now we can print up to 4 of any coupon we'd like by using 2 laptops, each linked to a different phone number.

You should only need to enter the phone number and receive the verification text the first time you print. After that, you should be able to print 2 of each coupon from the device without further verification.

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