Monday, February 24, 2020

41 Cent Moneymaker on Minute Rice at Walmart Using Just Your Phone!

Here's how we made 41 cents buying Minute Rice at Walmart using just our phone!

You can get this deal too for your family or to donate within your community.

Here's how:

  1. Download the Ibotta app to your phone. Use referral code ailsgqo to support Coupon for Change.
  2. Select Walmart as the store you'll be shopping at
  3. Unlock the offer for 20 cents cash back on Any Item
  4. Unlock the offer for $1.88 cash back on Minute Rice
  5. Purchase Minute Rice 7 oz cup at Walmart for $1.67
  6. Upload your receipt to your Ibotta app and claim the 20 cent Any Item and $1.88 back on Minute Rice rebates
We paid $1.67 at checkout and received $1.98 cash back for a moneymaker of 41 cents!

As always, the items we purchase will be provided to local area non-profits for distribution in accordance with Coupon for Change's non-profit mission.

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