Sunday, June 23, 2019

FREE cookies at Target thru 6/26! (Expired)

We used a Checkout 51 offer to score 5 FREE cups of cookies at Target to donate to our local food bank!

The Checkout 51 offer is valid only on 3.5 oz or larger packages and expires at midnight on 6/26.

At our Target store both the Nutter Butter Bites cups and the Golden Oreo Mini cups were 3.5 oz, all other varieties were 2.75oz.
So be sure to pick Nabisco cups 3.5 oz+.

The offer has a limit of 5. All 5 must be purchased together and show on the same receipt.

Be sure to check your app before you shop to make sure the cash back offer is still live and doesn't say "0 remaining."

Join Checkout 51 using this link to support Coupon for Change:

Here's the deal we got:
Bought 3 Nutter Butter Bites 3.5oz cup at $1.00 ea (reg price) = $3.00
Bought 3 Golden Oreo Mini 3.5 oz cup at $1.00 ea (reg price) =$2.00
Paid $5.00 at checkout

Submitted receipt to Checkout 51 for $1.00 cash back on each = $5.00 cash back!

Net cost FREE!

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