Sunday, March 10, 2019

Saving with the Checkout 51 App!

Checkout 51 is a cash back app similar to Ibotta, in that you'll select offers from your gallery, purchase the item, and then submit the receipt for cash back.

But with Checkout 51, you usually don't have to purchase the item from a particular store.

In some cases the rebate is store specific but Checkout 51 makes it very clear within the rebate (see image below on right), as it will say "At Walmart:"
Many offers are limited to 1 redemption, but some offers allow for a higher limit. Be sure to check the rebate for the quantity allowed.

Offers run Thursday to Wednesday and are available in limited quantities. If an offer is nearing its redemption limit, you will see "Not many left!" next to the offer and if you've redeemed the offer for the week you'll see "Claimed Limit."

You can cash out, via Paypal or check, when you reach $20.

Start by downloading the app!

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